#1 Enjoy the best Siargao Surf spots!

This list of things to do in Siargao has to begin with the surf, it is after all the surfing capital of the Philippines.  Siargao hosts the ‘Cloud 9 Surfing Cup’ each September, an official WSL Pro event. It also boasts waves almost all year-round, similar to surfing hotspots like Oahu, Hawaii. The Cloud 9 boardwalk and viewing area has become one of the most popular Siargao tourist spots.

The beauty of surfing on Siargao is that there is a surf break for all levels. Personally, I suck at surfing so I hit up the beginner waves at Jacking Horse. I did enjoy watching the seasoned surfers tearing up the bigger waves out at Cloud 9. This wave barrels and is not only one of the best waves in the Philippines but is ranked in the top ten waves of the world.

If the waves aren’t rolling in nicely at the beach breaks you can pay $4-5 USD to ride a boat out to an island break less than an hour from Siargao and surf the afternoon away in the middle of the ocean.

These are some of the popular surf breaks in Siargao and what you can expect at each of them.

Cloud 9: This is the most famous surf break on Siargao and has some nice barrels. We spent many mornings watching the experts carve it up from the three-story hut that sits out over the water. This wave has singlehandedly made Siargao the surfing capital of the Philippines.

Jacking Horse: The most accessible beginner wave on the island. A great spot for learning how to catch a wave but often crowded with surf lessons and it has a strong tide. Lots of paddling if you aren’t a gun. Some of the local long boarders tear it up here!

Stimpys: A consistent left-hander, which is a great place for short-boarders to have a little fun.

Pacifico: Although its a long drive (up to an hour) from General Luna, at Pacifico, you will find some of the biggest surf on Siargao.

Rock Island: Take the boat out for a fast-moving right-hander. Best for experienced surfers.

Guyan (Secret Beach): Head on past the trespassing signs and enjoy small rolling waves great for beginners. It’s about 30 minutes from General Luna.

If you don’t surf there are still plenty of things to do in Siargao! I only surfed three times in Siargao during the whole month but still had an action-packed adventure. If you are wondering what to do in Siargao and you aren’t a surfer this list has you covered with all of the best places to visit in Siargao.

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